Labour & Employment

This involves advising employers on labor laws, defending against employment-related lawsuits, negotiating collective bargaining agreements, and assisting with human resources policies, employee benefits, and compliance with workplace regulations.

  • Advising on employment law, including terminations, labor relations, and workplace policies.
  • Representing employers in employment disputes and negotiations.
  • Assisting with the drafting of employment agreements and employee handbooks.
  • Advise on contentious and non-contentious employment and partnership matters
  • Drafting of all contract and service related agreements
  • Dispute matters pertaining to gender/equal pay, strikes, lockouts etc.
  • Structuring, tax-optimization and disputes support on ESOPs and executive compensation matters
  • Advisory for internal disciplinary and grievance issues, including investigation support for adverse incidents pertaining to employee fraud, sexual harassment, etc.
  • Pre-dispute advisory, crisis management and reputational management

Employment Contracts and Agreements:

  • Drafting and reviewing employment contracts, offer letters, and appointment letters.
  • Advising on terms and conditions of employment, including compensation, benefits, and non-compete clauses.

Compliance with Labor Laws:

  • Ensuring compliance with Indian labor laws and regulations,
  • Advising on employee benefit programs, such as provident funds, gratuity, and employee insurance.

Workplace Discrimination and Harassment:

  • Advising on anti-discrimination policies and measures to prevent workplace harassment.
  • Handling discrimination and harassment complaints and investigations.

Termination and Severance:

  • Advising on lawful termination and dismissal procedures.
  • Drafting severance agreements and ensuring compliance with labor laws.

Collective Bargaining and Union Relations:

  • Representing employers in negotiations with labor unions.
  • Advising on collective bargaining agreements and labor strikes.

Employee Disputes and Litigation:

  • Representing employers in employment-related disputes, including wrongful termination, wage disputes, and discrimination claims.
  • Defending against labor-related litigation.

Industrial Relations:

  • Advising on maintaining positive industrial relations and handling labor disputes.
  • Assisting with employment-based immigration and work permit applications for foreign employees.
  • Advising on the legal requirements for hiring expatriate workers.

Employment Audits and Due Diligence:

  • Conducting employment audits to assess compliance with labor laws.
  • Conducting due diligence in employment matters for mergers and acquisitions